"Well Gee what would I have done without you? Thank you for making me enjoy singing so much. I feel so lucky to have found you."

Tim Curry


"Joan expertly coached me...she is an excellent teacher, who guided me through new territory with patience and a clear, no-nonsense approach. I certainly recommend her to newcomers to singing and old pros alike."

Frank Langella (Tony Award Winning Actor; Scrooge in Christmas Carol, 2000)


" When our Little Red asked me 'How did you get so good so fast?' I replied immediately - Joan Barber. She's an amazing technical and creative ally!"

Marylouise Burke (Into the Woods)


" As a coach and colleague, Joan knows how to individualize her training to give you the tools you need to find work in the New York market. She helps build a solid technique and personal style that will see you successfully through next week's auditions- and the next twenty years of your career."

Rob Lorey (Beauty and the Beast)


"Joan helped me open up my voice in ways I never knew I could. She is one of the most giving and encouraging teachers I've ever had. Thank you!"

David Easton (singer/songwriter- www.myspace.com/davideastonjkrew)


" Joan Rocks (in a legit way)!!"

Brooke Forbes (Triple threat creator of RAY OF LIGHT, Intl Diva Show)


" We're back from UMichigan and your student was amazing. Shirley Verrett told us that he came to her knowing so much about the voice and that his singing skills are so incredible. Honestly it's because of the years he spent learning from you!"

Sue Brumel (Mother of Alex Brumel)


" If you want to study voice with a talented performer who's a dedicated professional and is never judgmental, Joan Barber is the one."

Janet Rothstein (Cabaret artist)


" Every song that ever booked me a job was coached by Joan Barber."

Stephanie Bast (Nine)


" Joan has a brilliant understanding of the voice, and knows how to communicate the vast knowledge she has gained in her years of singing and working with singers. To this day, my coach says, "Do that Joan Barber thing ..."

Cathy LaValle (Light in the Piazza)


" Joan is a phenomenal technical teacher. Joan is also a brilliant acting coach. She has made me a better artist, and, perhaps more importantly, a working artist."  

Roger Rosen (Fiddler on the Roof)




"She knows what is required, vocally for the Broadway Stage and the concert hall. You are in good hands with Joan."



Ms Pazcoquin, Mr. Woeztel and Ms Smith (all coached by Joan Barber) sang impressively."

Jennifer Dunning THE NEW YORK TIMES (2008 Production of "West Side Story")


“Who knew dancers could sing? Mr. Woetzel hissed 'Cool' like a pro, and Jennifer Ringer’s Anita was deliciously wicked in 'America,' which she sang with Broadway inflections with Amanda Edge, a delight as the haplessly homesick Rosalia... ”

Jennifer Dunning THE NEW YORK TIMES (2000 Production of "West Side Story")


“Joan Barber is a compassionate professional and gifted voice/acting teacher.”



“Joan Barber is a master artist/teacher. She has developed an exciting approach to performance training that helps the student actor develop strong technique coupled with organic emotional life. She frees her students to work to their fullest potential.”



"Joan Barber instills in each student a respect for all styles in the vocal art and along with it the personal self-esteem necessary to 'make it all happen.' "




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