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". . .the best advice I can give to make a success of singing is not technical at all. Learn to be happy. This does not mean that you have to have your own way all the time! It means that, to reach people's hearts, you must reflect vitality, warmth, radiance. You must be capable of mirroring a joy in living, an ability to see beauty in all things, a willingness to take disappointments lightly and begin again. For, after all, what people will expect of you is stimulation. The great artists are the ones who send you away from them on a higher keener level of living. People will spend a happier hour with you if you can show them the way to such a higher level. You will be happier for it, too!" - Swedish Soprano Gota Ljungberg (1893-1955)

"Until you're ready to look foolish, you'll never have the possibility of being great." - Cher, 1946



I OFFER. . .

A lifetime of singing and teaching experience, which I combine with the talent and experience each student brings to the studio.

An individualized and eclectic approach to voice teaching tailored to each student. No "cookie-cutter" technique is applied here. You are treated as unique from your first lesson.







The essence of Singing/Acting, for every style of performance, is the free exchange of energy between the singer/actor and the audience. My goal is to enable you to release the tension, self-analysis and critical thoughts that block that energy flow. That tension can be physical, biological, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Students can learn to let the energy of the music and lyrics flow through them.

It is possible grow through every lesson, practice session, audition, and performance, enabling you to be the best YOU that you can be, and to sing in YOUR VOICE. Together we can bring out everything you are capable of as a Singer/Actor








I BASE my techniques on. . .

Speech-Level Singing (as created by Seth Riggs)

Legit/Classical Technique of the Swedish/Italian School (as taught by David Jones)

Mix-belt technique (as taught by Jan Sullivan)

Performing Power** (as created by H. Wesley Balk)







How to Schedule a Lesson:

Lessons run at least 50 minutes (please contact me for rates.) I generally schedule on the hour or half hour. You can pay with cash or check and receipts are given gladly.

Twenty-four hour cancellation notice (I'm very flexible with your auditions, etc. After all, I'm in the business too!) If you re-schedule within the same week that you have to cancel there is no penalty.






How to Find Me:

The studio is located at 165 West 91 Street, Apartment 16C, on the corner of Amsterdam Avenue. It is easily accessible via 1,2,3 or C Subway to 96 Street Stop.

You can reach me by phone at my Service - (917) 592-5124 or by e-mail at joan@joanbarberstudio.com

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Have any questions about our techniques?
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