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  For the third time, we explored the wonderful world of THE CALICO BUFFALO in a reading where the music has expanded, the characters have grown and the story has gotten clearer.  This beautiful children's book has the potential to be the next LION KING!  And my role, as the wise, elder of the Buffalo tribe now includes a terrific song.  Luckily I now have another role to add to my "I'll never get too old to play her" list.

 When you participate in readings and workshops of shows, you frequently don't get to personally see them to fruition.  "That's show biz."  But I am so glad to see that "Somewhere in Time" had a successful run in Washington and that "Paper Dolls" killed them in London.  

And so it goes . . .


Did a whirlwind reading of "UBU a 'Patamusical" as part of NYMF. It was a mind blowing experience and a blast playing Ma Ubu who is a kind of combination of Mama Rose, Lady M, The Old Lady from "Candide," Mae West and Mrs. Lovett.

On the other end of the spectrum, I've been working with Kevin Carter on his new musical "Summer Schlock," playing the sweet little character lady who is always second fiddle to the Big Mama belter. Can't wait to see what happens with this one. Kevin's music is always wonderful, as you may remember from "That's Andy."

Norm's and my Ameriprise ad featuring us as a biker couple got renewed, so if you read "Fortune" or "Money" or "Forbes" you may see us. However, if you are sticking your head in the sand right now, I don't blame you.

This spring I went work with the Pacific Northwest Ballet company in Seattle. They are planning to produce "West Side Story Suite" in 2009, and my job was to help the dancers learn the music and prepare them for individual video auditions. The company was generous and delightful to work with and the dancers were enormously talented. A good time was had by all, despite some initial nerves.

Did some ADR work on "Second Eulogy," an NYU film directed by Thompson Plyler that we shot last year, and I must say that I think this film has the potential to be a big festival hit and/or award winner. I am so proud to have been a part of it.

I made my Midtown International Theatre Festival debut in "The Higher Education of Khalid Amir" as President Ferret (pronounced "feray") the highly athletic and put-upon head of Denver State University. Our playwright Monica Bauer won an award and the cast got very close, living through "festival" circumstances.

A Production Still of Joan (above) as "Ms Pinkus" with "Fifi" in their dramatic scene. Check out the website of this exciting new film.

An NYU Grad Film Joan made 3 years ago is going to be shown on PBS this Saturday night at approximately
10:45pm, right after "The Thomas Crown Affair" as well as Sunday at 2:10am. It's called "Bluebeard's Wife" and was selected by online voting! You too can get a film on Public Television this way. Check it out at the Channel 13 website.

Joan just played "Mimi" in the initial reading of "THE BOYNTON BEACH CLUB", based on the hilarious Susan Seidelman film. The cast featured an incredible array of Broadway veterans.

"Porcelain and Diamonds" (directed by Ryan Silber) should be premiering in May. Look for Joan as a rich, drunken, wife and mother.

"Bourgeois Blues" (directed by Kevan Miller) is in post production. Look for Joan as a rich, drug-addict widow and mother. (Hmmm . . . see a pattern?)

Joan shot one day on "1-900-FAG-HAGS." Look for it in festivals.

Joan recently finished a reading of DREAMWEAVERS, composed by Artie Singer ("At the Hop"). Directed by Jamibeth Margolis.

"A Cold Snap", a film she recently completed, is premiering at the LA Shorts Fest September 14, 2007 in Burbank, CA.

Also finished the initial, beautiful, hilarious reading of the Kleban Award Winning Musical THE JERUSALEM SYNDROME by Felicia Needleman and Lawrence Holzman.

Recorded the demo of MARTY (starring John C. Reilly).

FRITZ AND FROYIM at Turtleshell Theatre (311 W. 43 St.) closed June 16, 2007. Check out the review at



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